Tao Wei Cool2Hot Sonic Beautifier 1 ea


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TAO WEI Cool2Hot Sonic Beautifier unites ancient Eastern philosophies with modern Western technology for the newest advancement in skin care.

TAO WEI Hot will help liquefy your moisturizing cream/serum while soothing sonic waves create maximum absorption into your skin. Cold setting will help seal the benefit into your skin leaving it soft and luminous. TAO WEI makes your current skin care regime more effective versus manual application for younger, healthier looking skin.                                                                       


  • Hot (heats up to 107°F /42°C)
  • Cool (cools down to 41°F /6°C)
  • Sonic (360 micro-massages per second)
  • Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Re-lifts and re-firms the appearance of sagging skin
  • Refreshes tired looking eyes and reduces the appearance of under eye puffiness
  • Restores moisture and hydration
  • Refines skin texture to appear smooth and poreless
  • Renews skin's appearance for a younger, healthier glow

  • Charge TAO WEI before use. (Indicator light will turn blue when fully charged. May take up to 3 hours.)
  • Unplug and disconnect the cable from TAO WEI. (TAO WEI will not turn on if the cable is still connected.)
  • Press and hold the power switch for 3 seconds to turn on or off. (Quickly press power switch for different modes.)

Please see the enclosed manual for complete usage instructions.