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Small Thermal Metal Brush with Metal Core 1 ea


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iTech Magnetic Boar & Nylon Hairbrush, 3-1/4


Magnetic Boar & Nylon Hairbrush, 3-1/4" ,

1 ea


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with Metal Core for Blow Drying and Boar Bristles for Styling

Brush Philosophy
Celebrity colorist Joel Warren and stylist Edward Tricomi of New York City's Warren-Tricomi salon have created a revolutionary new line of hairbrushes. Their combined thirty years of salon experience determined that the single most important tool for styling is the brush.

A quality hairbrush is crucial to the maintenance of healthy hair. The actual act of "brushing" cleans the hair and stimulates the flow of blood from the scalp to the roots. From basic brushing to blow-drying, the brush you choose is integral to the hair's condition.

Warren-Tricomi takes special care to select the finest components and best natural bristle combinations to ensure peak performance. The key to a great brush is the tension it creates when it grips the hair. With this being said, the shape and design of each brush creates the proper tension needed to ensure a salon-quality look at home.

Result-oriented, this collection addresses a variety of styling needs. No matter what type of hair you have, or which "look" you desire, Warren-Tricomi has a brush that will work for you.


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