Maison Rouge 8 Petite Candle Gift Set, Blanc 1 ea


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Orangerie D' Azahar - Inspired from the gorgeous "Orange Blossom" coast of Spain, Costa del Azahar.
Suede Blanc - Buttery soft Sueded Leather and Rich Cedar combined in a blend that is both Exotic and Refined.
Pink Citron  - Ripe Citron Grapefruit with a Juicy Pink center is layered with a Tart Cassis and a Heart of Subtle Rose.
Macaron  - Delicious and Colorful, the famed Macarons de Paris are as beloved for Their Gourmet flavors.
Saijo Persimmon  - Japanese Saijo Persimmon, considered to be the finest Gourmet variety, is layered with Peach and Red Currant.
Elysian Garden - Speckled sunlight shinning through trees onto Ferns, Moss and Grotto. Sun warmed Citrus Fruit and Gentle Green Foliage.
Laguna - Velvet sand and dazzling Azure Seas. The gentle Santa Ana winds that pull warm desert air to meet the Pacific.
Gardenia Colonia - Gardenia Grandiflorum opens its secret heart to greet the sun. Wild White Blooms of Creamy Velvet.