Customizable Bra Strap Solution, Classic Beauty (Sizes 34D-40D), Black 1 ea


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Tweak Your Bra- This Customizable Bra Strap Converter provides Lift, Support, Enhanced Cleavage, and Hides Bra Straps.

The unique patented design has a flexible center strap, which ensures comfort, conforming to the body's natural movement. Customize Your Fit, each package includes 2 flexible straps (1 long & 1 short) to accommodate a tighter or looser fit. Tweak Your Style-look better and feel better in all your clothes.

  • Made in USA
  • HypoAllergenic Plastic
  • Colors- Clear, Nude & Black
  • Easy to Use Hooks
  • Snap Closure

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  • Place flat side against  your back so hooks are facing out.
  • Lift bra strap and slide one side of Tweakerz under hook.
  • Slide second strap under the opposite hook.
  • Adjust to the ideal postion by sliding it down your back.