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Thinning hair

Most people lose anywhere from 50-250 strands of hair each day, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Hair loss may result from anything from chemically over-processing to stress to hormones, reactions to medications or genetics. If you start to notice a sudden extreme loss of hair, your doctor can run some blood work to help determine the cause.
Prevent Oscar Blandi; Bamboo Style
If your hair is fine or damaged and prone to breakage, approach your hair care routine gently. When heat styling, incorporate a thermal protectant like Oscar Blandi Prono Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray. It contains a patented polymer complex clinically proven to protect hair from heat and prevent breakage.

OSCAR BLANDI Pronto Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray $22
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Also avoid styling every day if possible. A great dry shampoo will help your style last for more than one day.

ALTERNA BAMBOO STYLE Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo $26
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Cover your gray Correct
If your hair has been over-treated with chemicals, stay away from relaxers and color treatments for a while. If you must color your hair, use semi-permanent formulas that do not contain ammonia or hydroxide and try to schedule your hair appointments further apart by using touch-up sticks on visible grays.

COVER YOUR GRAY Touch Up Stick $6.50
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Touch Up Stick Phtyo
Using a hair and scalp regimen to keep hair as healthy as possible is key if you’re prone to more extreme hair loss. Try PHYTO’s one-month program designed to stimulate micro-circulation and provide all the necessary nutrients to jump-start hair growth and add body naturally and effectively.

PHTYO Thinning Hair Regimen $6.50
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Intense one month program
HerStyler Disguise
Keep your hair loss to yourself by learning some product tricks of the trade.

Make hair look naturally thicker and fuller while covering your scalp instantaneously with HerStyler Magic Fiber Hair Replacement Fibers, which features plant fibers that blend in to make hair look.

HERSTYLER Magic Fiber Hair Replacement Fibers $79.99
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Magic Fiber
And of course, the trick for volume on most photo shoots and red carpets is hairpieces, extensions and wigs. LuxHair offers a style for every hair type and occasion.

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