Guest Editor Tennessee Thomas See All Guest Editors See all guest editors Guest Editor Tennessee Thomas Guest Editor Tennessee Thomas Tennessee was the drummer in girl band The Like for 10 years. Now she DJs sixties 45s and works for a record company. She's also working on a new musical project. "I have a sixties problem. I'm stuck in the sixties." Besides the fashion and music of the sixties, the cultural trend of being revolutionary and politically involved also resonates. Tennessee is part of a directing team "The Department of Peace" that puts together PSAs for causes they feel strongly about like women's rights, fracking, recycling, and other environmental issues. "There are a lot of problems in the world, and I think we should all do anything we can to raise awareness. Why not? If everybody did one thing, we'd achieve a lot. I've made a conscious effort to choose only ethical products. Be a conscious consumer!"

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