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Welcome to the Affiliate Program!

As an affiliate, you have access to text links, banners, videos, RSS feeds, and Easy Links, as well as weekly newsletters updating you on the latest and greatest at Here is some information to get you started:

1.       Keep updated with our weekly newsletters – these are automatically sent to affiliates every week and they include our latest deals and anything else new going on. They will also include the code for the text links and banners mentioned in the newsletter. We incorporate last week’s top selling products in the affiliate channel as well – that way you know which products you want to be promoting.

2.       Explore the Links section of LinkShare:

a.       “Banners / Images” will take you to our colorful, compelling banners. Place any of these on your site to increase conversion! We have multiple sizes in multiple themes – everything from logos to free shipping banners to coupon focused banners and more. If you want to make it easy on yourself, be sure to include banners that are in the category “Always Updated”. These banners are automatically updated with every sale we have – you never need to change the code to have them update on your site! If you don’t see a particular size you need, please feel free to email us and ask for it – we may be able to work with our Creative Team to provide it to you.

b.      “Flex Links” gives you the code to put product videos on your site. Some are clever commercials, others are behind the scenes looks at how to use the products. Videos are a great way to engage customers and conversion. We’re adding new videos all the time to our Flex Links library! 

c.       “Individual Products” is where you want to go to create links (text or image) to a specific product on Just type in the product name you want in the “Product LinkFinder” box and click “Go”. If you have trouble finding a particular product, please use the “Link Builder” link a little farther down the page.

d.      “Search Box” takes you to a banner that includes a search box where customers can type in their search and it will automatically take them to the search results on

e.      “Storefront” has a list of some storefronts you can use on your site – including Sexual Well-Being, Burt’s Bees, and Diabetes. These storefronts contain our top selling products in those categories and links to the products on

f.        “Text / Email” lists out all of our current text links. We have everything from promotional offers to links to our Deal of the Day page and hot products and more. Be sure to filter by Category to find the links that will be most useful on your site.

g.       “Link Builder” provides you the tools to make a link to a specific product on our site. If you have questions about using this tool, please contact LinkShare via the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page. If you’d rather link to a specific category or brand page, please click on the “Deep Linking” tab, two over from the “Get Links” tab you are currently in.

h.      “Easy Links” gives you the code to put a banner (in the size of your choosing) that automatically updates with top selling products that are relevant to your site.

i.         “Links by Promotion” – choose what links you want in the categories of Coupons, Hot Products, Logos, Promotional/General, Free Shipping, or Best Converting.

j.        “Data Feeds” – this tab is three over from the “Get Links” tab and allows you to get RSS feeds.

3.       For inquiries on specific transactions that you did not receive a commission for, but believe you are entitled to, please use the Transaction Inquiries tool on the “Reports” tab. Before submitting an inquiry, it might help to know the following about orders:

a.       Our order numbers are 14 digits long (including the lead 0) and all 14 digits must be entered in LinkShare to correctly find the order.

b.      Our shipped order numbers generally end in 1. When an order is placed, the order number will end in 0, but once it ships from our Distribution Center, the last digit will usually change to 1 (although it may change to 2 or 3, and so on if there are suborders, backorders, portions of the order that are canceled, etc.). If the customer who placed the order in question cannot provide you with their shipped order number for you to look up in LinkShare, just try changing the last digit to 1 and see if you can find it that way. If not, please send a transaction inquiry.

c.       LinkShare will only report orders after they have shipped. Sometimes it takes a few days after shipment for LinkShare to report the order, so please wait at least this long before submitting a transaction inquiry.

4.       If you need help in promoting or have questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at