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Talika has developed a revolutionary new device that has "the power to boost the efficacy" of your skincare products!

Inspired by aerospace research, Cream Booster utilizes 3 technologies to deliver maximum results in one simple device- Ionotherapy, Phototherapy and Gentle Vibrations: 

  • Ionotherapy: uses micro-electricity to enhance the transfer of active ingredients to the cells, ingredients are deeply transported to their targeted zone and are more efficient.
  • Phototherapy: helps to incite cellular stimulation and cellular activity, Talika uses its patented Light 590 technology to reactivate and reenergize cells, allowing them act like young, fresh cells.
  • Gentle vibrations: provide a micro-massage effect to increase microcirculation and improve cellular communication.

Cream Booster works with any of your skincare products, delivering immediate results. So when using Cream Booster your anti-aging treatment will become a SUPER anti-aging treatment, your brightening treatment will become a SUPER brightening treatment, your firming treatment will become a SUPER firming treatment. Cream Booster has the power to BOOST the effects of all of your favorite skincare treatments.

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Use Cream Booster together with your favorite treatment serums or cream.

  • Step 1. Apply your  skincare product to cleansed skin.
  • Step 2. Place your index finger on the silver button and then glide Cream Booster over targeted areas of concerned for 1 minute. We recommend focusing on the lines along the forehead, crows feet and lines around the mouth.

Cream booster is powered by a AAA battery and is perfect for use on the go.