Smooth Operator Set, Grey 1 set


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Take locks from lackluster to shiny & smooth in seconds. This expert designed tool kit is the ticket to sleek, straight hair-no fuss, no frizz.

Set Includes:

  • T3 FreeFlow Vent Brush
  • T3 Sectioning Comb
  • T3 Sectioning Clips
  • T3 Styling Comb


  • Detangles hair in preparation for straightening
  • Makes sectioning hair easy
  • Makes it easier to manage sections during straightening
  • This is how the pros get a
    perfectly smooth finish

T3 Micro INC.

How to get smooth, shiny hair:

  • Detangle hair using the T3 FreeFlow brush
  • Divide hair into 3 parts using the sectioning clips and the pointy tip of the sectioning comb
    • Start with the top of your head clipping all your hair up in the crown area
    • Then clip off the hair that's left at the back of your head into two equal parts
      (like you're making two ponytails)
  • Starting with one of the two back parts, take a thin, 2-3 inch wide section and clamp the iron down as close to the root as possible,
  • Use the all-purpose comb just in front of the iron to help guide the section for even heat and hair distribution
  • Slowly glide the iron and comb down the length of the section in one smooth motion
  • Don't stop or slow down partway through as you won't get a perfectly smooth finish
  • Once you've finished the two back parts finish with the top part
  • For a more natural finish brush through your hair with the FreeFlow brush