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The High-Tech Solution for Ageless Skin

The FDA-cleared StriVectinLABS Facial Toner utilizes the same advanced electrotherapy used in doctors’ offices and high-end spas. Like all muscles in the body, facial muscles need to be gently exercised to preserve the muscle mass and volume that define the shape of the face.  The Facial Toner gently stimulates the nerves that control the major facial muscles for a younger looking appearance. In a 12-week clinical study, 94% agreed skin felt firmer, 90% agreed face was more toned, 80% agreed face looked lifted. Featured in August 22nd WWD

It’s recommended that gel pads be replaced at least once a week.


The Facial Toner uses gentle, yet effective stimulation in an easy to place, hands-free device. Use on clean, bare skin for 20 minutes daily, five days per week. For a more revitalized, youthful appearance, use consistently for 12 weeks.

Your StriVectinLABS Facial Toner unit contains 6 pairs of gel pads, which should allow you to complete a 6-week treatment course. It is recommended that the gel pads be replaced at least once a week.