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Anti-Age Lifting Serum Grade 2 1 oz (30 ml)

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Anti Age Serum to Lift Skin
Theoretical age: 40 – 50

For more permanent wrinkles, Grade 2 Lifting Serum fills and smoothes lines with hyaluronic acid for an "injection-like" effect. Powerful pentapeptides stimulate collagen synthesis, preserving the oval of the face.

The Sothys age defying program follows an exclusive concept that incorporates a professional skin analysis to determine the real age of your skin, referred to as the "grade of aging". This ensures a complete, efficient and customized solution.

Intensive Serums

Knowing that not all skin ages equally, Sothys offers 4 Serums to fight the signs of aging – including fine lines and expression lines. Each serum features the unique cosmeceutical H2CR™ (Cell Health Restoring Complex). This high performance active contains plant messenger peptides and powerful antioxidants for improved cell communication and ultimate protection.