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Strap Trap: Racerback Bra Clips, White/Black/Clear 1 ea


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Strap Traps hide your bra straps when wearing racerback tanks, sleeveless tops, or anything that exposes your bra straps to the world. Virtually invisible and flat, using Strap Trap bra clips means that you don't constantly have to tug at your slipping straps. Strap Traps also provide additional lift and support, lending some perkiness along the way. 

3 Strap Traps: Black, White and Clear.

Using Strap Trap is easy:

1) Loosen your bra straps and hook your Strap Trap through your straps as shown on the front of the package.

2) Put your arms through the straps as normal and hook your bra together.

3) Adjust your bra straps and slide Strap Trap up or down for comfort. That's it!