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kung shoe grip: inside/outside nonslip 2 ea


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Slippery soles?
Slick sidewalks?
Have a nice fall?

thesolution is Kung Shoe Grip: inside/outside nonslip

3M's new, amazing material makes a clear, durable sticker that will keep you from sliding around inside your shoe and also keep you from sliding around on the floor. Kung Shoe Grip contains thousands of microfingers to help grip, doesn’t cause sweat and works even on wet surfaces. Hi-Ya!

  • Two 4 x 3" triangles
  • Made in the USA

  1. Use a clean cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol to clean off all debris from the inside or outside ball of your shoe.
  2. Once dry, remove the paper backing and stick Kung Shoe Grip to the area of the shoe that needs nonslip.
  3. Replace Kung Shoe Grip if you wear through it.