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heel seals: adhesive sole savers 14 ea


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Worn wedges?
Slanted soles?
Catawampus kicks?

thesolution is Heel Seals: adhesive sole savers

Most people wear down the outer edge of shoe soles/heels. But who wants to surrender a favorite pair of shoes and a pile of money to the cobbler to replace the heel? Now there's a new cobbler in town: you. Simply keep a pack of Heel Seals, adhesive sole savers on hand. When you get a new pair of shoes, peel off a nonskid, nonmarking Heel Seal and stick it to the place you wear most. For shoes you have already loved a bit, clean the heel with alcohol and stick a Heel Seal over the worn spot. (Let cure overnight for best adhesion.) Replace your Heel Seals every 20 or so miles. And don't worry, we didn't club any seals to make these.

  • Adhesive shoe taps keep shoe soles and heels from wearing out
  • lets you repair your own worn out shoe heels
  • saves money on shoe repair
  • nonskid, non-marking


  1. Clean the heel with alcohol
  2. Stick a Heel Seal over the worn spot
  3. Let the adhesive cure overnight once stuck to the shoe before walking on it
  4. Replace your Heel Seals when worn down