The Santigolden Age Eye Shadow Collage, Earth As We Know It 0.17 oz (5 g)


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What is it:
A palette with 5 shades of our luxe wet/dry shadows- curated by artist Santigold!

Why you'll love it:
Santigold has partnered with Smashbox to create this vivid and playful color range, influenced by her strong creative sense. Already known for her collage art, Santi is encouraging an adventurous mix-and-match sensibility with this collection. Featuring her distinctive art, this palette includes 5 shades of our luxe wet/dry shadows to mix and match any eye look.

Just the Facts:

  • Includes 5 shades
  • Limited-edition, collectible palettes featuring one-of-a-kind collages by Santigold

Shades Included:

  • Soft Sparkling Cream
  • Kelly Green
  • Dark Matte Blue
  • Raisin With Rosegold Pearl
  • Dark Sparkly Forest Green


These luxe shadows can be used wet or dry! Use dry for a low-key look, or wet them before applying to amp up the color. Not only are Santigold's collages featured on the packaging, but you can literally mix and match the shades to create your own collage art - on your eyes!