Sigma After launching in 2009, Sigma quickly became a cult favorite among makeup artists and makeup lovers worldwide. Drawing from their scientific and engineering backgrounds, the founders of Sigma have always been committed to improving beauty routines around the world. Today, their brand offers breakthrough makeup formulation, innovative makeup brushes and advanced brush care accessories. Known for the exceptional quality and originality of its products, Sigma holds patents around the globe.




Sigma Product Spotlight


Beauty Based in Engineering and Science

As a brand with roots in engineering and science, Sigma is constantly at work researching and developing. Sigma’s team identifies common problems that plague professional makeup artists and makeup lovers and then comes up with novel ways to address them. Whether the solution requires a better version of a classic cosmetic, an innovative makeup applicator or a cosmetic accessory, the experts develop a product that is the best solution for customers. Sigma's commitment to scientific research and engineering has earned the brand numerous patents in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Asia.

Unparalleled Quality

Sigma is especially well known for its exceptional makeup brushes, which feature advanced engineering and are manufactured from the finest of materials. Nearly all of the brushes made by the brand feature the proprietary SigmaTech® and Sigmax® synthetic bristles made from a thermoplastic polymer that works equally well with powder, liquid and cream products. The brushes are made entirely by hand and are strong enough to withstand years of use when cared for properly.

Hypoallergenic to protect sensitive skin, the brushes feature strong, lightweight handles made from sustainably sourced wood. To ensure durability and ease of use, the handles are sanded and polished and then finished with eight layers of primer and paint. Even the ferrules that connect the bristles to the handles are uniquely designed. Made from a metal alloy rich in copper and zinc, the SigmaAlloy® ferrules are more resistant to wear and tear than aluminum or plastic, and they have antimicrobial properties to help keep the brushes sanitary.

Brushes for Every Cosmetic

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all makeup brush. Every cosmetic application task requires a specific type of tool for optimal results, which is why Sigma offers dozens of luxury-quality, high-performance makeup brushes. You'll find brushes that are ideal for foundation, concealer, powder, blush, contouring, eye shadow, eyeliner, brow and lip color. Each brush has been engineered specifically for its intended task with uniquely shaped heads that allow makeup to adhere more evenly in the exact places you desire. With such a diverse assortment of brushes available, you can find a Sigma tool to suit every cosmetic in your beauty bag.

Breakthroughs in Brush Care

The experts at Sigma understand that even the best brushes cannot stand the test of time if they aren't properly cared for. In order to help professionals and everyday users enjoy their Sigma brushes for as long as possible, the brand has developed innovative brush care accessories to work with the tools. With brush cleaning gloves, mats and other accessories, you can easily wash your brushes clean without damaging the bristles. Sigma has also engineered drying racks and brush storage solutions to further simplify brush care. All of the brush care accessories in the Sigma collection are ideal for the brand's brushes but can also be used to maintain brushes made by other brands.

Luxurious Cosmetics for the Complexion

Sigma has revolutionized the beauty industry by introducing color cosmetics that solve problems posed by conventional makeup formulas. From blushes and contouring products that are easy to blend to eyeliners that go on smooth, Sigma cosmetics allow you to enhance your complexion and disguise imperfections with greater ease. All of the cosmetics are made from premium- quality ingredients and are formulated to be as luxurious to use as they are long-lasting. Sigma makeup products have been tested and are carefully manufactured to ensure purity, so you can purchase them with confidence.