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Clear Whitening Mask 2.8 oz (83 ml)

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  • A peel-off whitening mask that removes the causes of dullness, such as blackheads, keratin plugs, and tired surface cells including melanin.
  • Compounded with oriental plant extracts. Refines the skin around the pores and suppresses excessive sebum secretion, creating beautifully smooth, translucent skin.
  • Compounded with nano-sized black powder that readily disperses across the surface of the skin. The formula spreads as if being absorbed into the skin, giving it a comfortable firmness and making the skin appear healthy.
  • The gentle scent brings relief to tired minds, awakening translucency from within.


  • Take approx. 2 cm of product onto your middle finger at a time, spreading it across your face while avoiding the area around the eyes, eyebrows, hairline, and lips.
  • Once dry, peel it off from the outer areas of your face inwards.