360 Degree Cellular Concentre 1 oz (30 ml)

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A remarkable serum that challenges the aging process

What if you could actually inhibit the aging process, rather than simply correct its effects after they happen?

With this innovative serum, it's finally possible. A true ANTI-aging product, the youth-preserving potion actually challenges the aging process by protecting cells and ramping up their restoration ability, teaching them to look and act like those found in younger skin. 

The magic lies within its triple-action formula, engineered with a 360° Technoblend that improves cell longevity, a double dose of Rem�de's signature Green Defense Technology to shield cells from environmental aggressors, and the SRT-21 "smart" delivery system to carry ingredients to areas in need. (Let's just say it'll provide you with "cellular" service you'll never complain about.)

  • Ideal for 30- and 40-something skin, or to prevent further aging in more mature skin
  • Green Defense Technology is shown to reduce DNA fragmentation by 85% versus untreated cells, keeping skin looking younger, longer.

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