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red flower

Petal Top Candle, Ocean 1 ea


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introducing red flower ocean

scent: vast, simple and clean

red flower ocean candle with scented petals.  generously scented.  clean, slow and pure burn for 45-50 hours.

begin by inhaling the air on the coast.  the salty, breezy, and sun-drenched notes that drift off the sea are found in flowers and herbs like red mangrove, myrtle, bay lavender, cocobay, beach morning glory, and most distinctively bay laurel leaf.  the scent offers mind body benefits from uplifting to calming ~ helping the body and the earth to thrive in one holistic circle. 


remove flowers before lighting.  never leave burning candle unattended.  always keep burning candle out of direct drafts.  keep out of reach of children.  to maximize burn time and minimize sooting, remove char and trim wick before each use.  do not burn too close to wall or without ample overhead clearance.  during use glass may become warm.