Prescriptives Flawless Skin

Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15, Tawny (29) 1 oz (30 ml)


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Origins Stay Tuned

Balancing Face Makeup, Latte ,

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Tawny (29)
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Beige (09)
Porcelain (24)
Ginger (27)
Champagne (04)
Ecru (01)
Tawny (29)
Bisque (06)
Camellia (22)
Cameo (18)
Honey (15)
Peach (13)
Gold (07)
Rose (23)
Cream (02)
Vellum (03)
Ivory (05)

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It takes beauty and benefit to create flawless skin, and Flawless Skin Total Protection Makeup SPF 15 provides both.

This groundbreaking formula with Pro-XCell Complex, works to protect against sun damage and external assaults, while simultaneously diffusing imperfections. Achieves a flawless finish while working "undercover" to provide your skin with superior skincare protection and boosts skin's own internal defenses against damaging environmental assaults. Daily use improves skin's ability to repair itself and guard against UVA and UVB damage. The result is healthy, beautiful skin - inside and out. This lightweight, long-wearing foundation provides natural-looking medium to full coverage for all skin types. Oil free.