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POP Put On Pieces

Faux Fur Braid, Mink Not! 1 ea


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Two intertwined braids with a harmonizing colored faux fur strip, this 16" long clip-in piece can be added to your own hair or combined with a hair wrap or ponytail for an even more intriguing style! This style is part of a Limited Edition Collection. Item available while supplies last.

Separate the hair. Using a tail comb or your index fingers, Clip up the hair above the part where you want the braid. Open the clips on the piece and attach below the part. You may lightly tease and add hairspray to fine hair for better hold.

Finishing the look. Release the hair that was clipped out of the way blend with your own hair.

Removing the wefts. To remove the piece, snap open all the clips and gently lift up and away from your hair.