PMD Personal Microderm

NEW!Hand & Foot Kit Replacement Discs 1 ea


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The Hand and Foot Kit was designed specifically for the hands and feet.

Time to throw a “mani and pedi” party because this box includes 1 small and 1 large Red disc (very coarse), and 2 small and 2 large Black discs (body only). The PMD Personal Microderm uses a patented spinning disc technology to deliver revolutionary microdermabrasion treatments and unmatched, brilliant results. The patented disc spins as it glides across the skin and provides a beautiful treatment without having to manually scrub the PMD against the skin, which many other microdermabrasion devices require.

Aluminum oxide is a naturally occurring element that is extremely hard, second only to diamond. These crystals are completely hypoallergenic and prevent the possibility of any allergic or adverse reaction. The aluminum oxide embedded discs provide the most effective results available, and they completely eliminate the possibility of spreading bacteria that may cause breakouts or irritations, which is a risk when diamond tips are used.