Resurfacing Peeling Duo 1 ea


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  • Micro-exfoliating cream (1.0 fl oz / 30 ml)
  • Restoring cream (1.0 fl oz / 30 ml)

Indulge in "new skin" in just 3 weeks.  Fine lines and skin irregularities are smoothed, pores are tightened, and the complexion appears even and luminous.

The Micro-exfoliating cream provides double enzymatic and mechanical action, which helps polish skins surface and stimulate cellular renewal. 

The Restoring cream offers intense comfort and helps reveal skin that is visibly more beautiful.

Who is it for:
Skin lined and thickened by multiple harsh factors (recurrent sun exposure, severe climates, natural skin aging, etc.).

Recommended for each change of seasons.

Made in France

Phytomer - Codif International