Pedi Couture

Glam Pedicure Sandals, XL (10-11 US), PEWTER SEQUIN 1 pair


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Extra Large (10- 11)

Pedi Couture is an eco-friendly sandal.

Our fashionable and durable Pedi Couture sandals make messy smudges a thing of the past. Pedi Couture sandals are great for everyday wear and provide maximum comfort and support with our patented padded toe separators and contoured footbed.

No more paper- cotton needed to wrap around your toes- or slippery disposable slippers- and no need for the dryer- just walk right out to your next appointment... or shopping...

A more natural toe alignment through spreading your toes gives you a broader foundation which helps contribute to  better balance and over-all equilibrium. These sandals will help train your toes to spread. Our contoured and cushioned footbed made from Yoga mat material combined with our innovative padded toe separators allow for maximum support and comfort when walking, standing and/ or performing other activities.

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For best results, wear for 2 to 4 hours each day until feet and toes adjust to the sensation of five-toe sandals.