Paul & Joe Beaute

Fashion Print Cheek & Eye Color Refill Compact, Precious Puppies 1 ea


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"Dress" your favortie set of colors in three diffferent limited edition cases.

Case designs come are actual fabric prints from the Paul & Joe Collection. Pop your eye color trio in any of these cases to highlight your colors' personality. Make believe you’re an actress who’s just stepped off the silver screen with the new Eye Color Trios from Paul & Joe Beaute. With three print designs, our cases provide the perfect accessory to "dress" your eye color trios this Fall.

Note: You can use these compacts to house your favorite cheek colors

Cases: Capture your colors and customize your look with one of three limited edition compacts inspired by Paul & Joe's fashion prints.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


Select your chosen eye color trio refill and place it inside your chosen eye colour case.

Note: You can also use this for your favorite cheek color refill as its case!