Orly Cosmic FX

Nail Lacquer, Halley's Comet 0.6 fl oz


Halley's Comet
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Halley’s Comet
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Hue:  Halley's Comet

Orly introduces its latest addition to its portfolio of textured finishes with Cosmic FX.

The new, limited-edition collection delivers multi-dimensional flashes of intense shimmering shine that is so electrifying your nails will explode with color!

This lighting phenomenon is achieved by Orly's exclusive Mineral FX technology.

The innovation infuses natural rock minerals, crystals, and glass to give nails a special optical effect with extreme luster, rich pearlescence, and a smooth, sparkling spectrum of concentrated color.

The Mineral FX technology includes specialty mica, that allows for a clearer, vibrantly bright lustrous shimmer. Crystals allow for a multi-dimensional color transformation.

Glass particles carefully controlled in shape and size create a luminous phenomenon. This combination infused with the Silica and specific colors selected create this exclusive technology that gives nails a unique optical effect that's magnified as the lighting source intensifies or viewing angle changes.

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