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Noreen, Director
Wei to Go Ideal Skin Perfect Finish, Light
"I have the good fortune of being able to watch Romy Soleimani work. When I saw how beautiful the coverage of this CC cream was I became a fan myself. Airplane-friendly and economical – a little goes a long way, so each lasts more than two weeks."
Joanna Vargas Skincare Rejuvenating Serum
"If only there was a way for you to scratch and sniff the screen. It makes your skin feel fantastic and it smells delish!"
Joanna Vargas SkincareRejuvenating Serum
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RODIN olio lusso Perfume
"When the seasons change, I can justify the purchase of yet another new fragrance. If you like their face oil, you won’t be disappointed."
RODIN olio lussoPerfume
Buy RODIN olio lusso Perfume - 1 fl oz
SARAHPOTEMPA Tools The Beachwaver, 16
"I’m the last person who would need a curling iron, but if you’re looking, this is so easy to use. Sarah did some demos at our last photo shoot and I was impressed by how much guesswork this removes for a curling iron novice. Clever girl!"
SARAHPOTEMPA ToolsThe Beachwaver, 16"
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