Francois Nars NARS
NARS is the beauty brand for the modern independent woman. Sophisticated, witty and effortlessly seductive, NARS embraces individuality, providing you with the vivid color and luxurious texture you need to express yourself. NARS is an invitation to make a statement and be who you want to be. You.
What interests me is character. I've always been attracted to faces with personality, strength and a unique quality. That is beauty. ~ François Nars
François Nars is among the most influential image-makers in the world. His unconventional philosophy of beauty celebrates an independent spirit, originality and fearless self-expression. Growing up in the South of France, François' interest in fashion was fostered by his glamorous mother – a natural beauty who exuded effortless style and elegance. He attended the famed Carita Makeup School in Paris where he first formed his approach that makeup could be used to explore the depths and nuances of individual character.

François' rapid ascent into the fashion world reflected talent, hard work and uncommon vision. Designers like Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld and Gianni Versace admired his ability to create iconic looks, both highly theatrical and ultra-natural, that engaged in compelling dialogue with their designs. François' signature approach to image-making is exemplified by his close collaboration with Madonna in the '90s during which he helped forge the star's perpetual reinvention.

When François launched NARS with a debut of 12 highly-pigmented lipsticks, the brand gained an immediate cult following. François closely guides the evolution of the NARS brand – from the ever-expanding collection of richly pigmented color cosmetics, a complete skin care line and artistry tools, to the NARS' campaigns, which he photographs himself. While his photographs are elevated, modern and classically beautiful, his embrace of unique faces and ethnic diversity has helped transform industry standards and traditional definitions of beauty. To date, François has published four books of his photography.