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Panama:  Neutral blonde

Sculpts and defines the eyebrow with rich, natural looking pigment to softly frame the eyes.  The firm texture allows for maximum control and provides long-lasting definition.

  • Rich, intense pigments in three shades of taupe
  • Firm texture for smooth strokes of color
  • Longwearing and blendable

NARS Cosmetics, Inc.

Always begin by brushing the brows upward.

  • Natural Brow:  Using the Brow Brush, take the product from the Eyebrow Pencil with quick strokes.  With the color on the brush, fill in brow with even feathered strokes.
  • Defined Brows:  Fill in brows using the Natural Brow technique, then set and fill in brows with a powder in a similar shade.  The pencil and powder will adhere to each other for long lasting result.
  • Dramatic Brows:  Use the brow pencil to draw in the brow with long straight lines.  This look requires a steady hand; rest hand on cheekbone.

Application Tips: 

  • Before applying color:  stop, step back and assess the brows.
  • Using the Brow Brush as a ruler, place it along side of nose to the inner corner of the eye - this is where the brow should begin.
  • Keep the end of the brush alongside of nose and rotate the other end to the iris of the eye - this is the arch of the brow.
  • Rotate the brush to the outer corner of the eye - this is where the brow should end.
  • Make dots at all three points to use as a guide.