Murad Murad Cleanser Murad Best Rated Unmatched performance and a foundation in serious science are the hallmarks of Murad, America's first and most trusted doctor brand of clinical skincare. With formulas based upon revolutionary research that demonstrates that skin's health and beauty are a reflection of the health of its cells, Murad products deliver unmatched results by addressing skin problems at the source with high-performance ingredients that promote and protect skin’s cellular strength and integrity.




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Created by a Skin Care Pioneer

The Murad skincare collection was developed by Howard Murad, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist who has cared for tens of thousands of patients over the course of his career. Called "The Father of Internal Skincare," Dr. Murad has spent his life researching dermatological problems and was among the first to focus his work on caring for skin at the cellular level. More than 25 years ago, he created his eponymous skincare brand to bring his novel approach to treating skin conditions to people everywhere. Since then, Murad has grown to become one of the best-selling clinical skincare collections in the world and is trusted by countless dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aestheticians.

The Inclusive Health Method

Dr. Murad's approach to beauty goes much deeper than the skin. He has developed the Inclusive Health Method to help people not just look their best, but also feel their best each day. The Inclusive Health Method focuses on promoting overall health and healthy skin through the use of high-performance skincare products, good nutrition, dietary supplements and exercise. Stress relief and emotional well-being are also incorporated into Dr. Murad's Inclusive Health Method, making his system one that addresses overall well-being. Every product from Murad is developed with the principles of the Inclusive Health Method in mind, setting the formulas apart from others on the market.

Daily Care for Healthy Skin

Helping people look better is an important part of the Inclusive Health Method, and Dr. Murad advocates the use of a full skincare regimen to keep the skin looking beautiful with age. You’ll find formulas for every step in a complete daily care routine with cleansers, toners and moisturizers for the face and shower gels and moisturizers for the body. All of the essential skincare products made by Murad are simple to use and are formulated to pamper the skin while delivering results. This makes caring for the skin a chance to unwind and de-stress, so your regimen can benefit the mind and spirit as much as the skin.

Targeted Treatments for Concerns

As a dermatologist, Dr. Murad has years of experience helping people manage skincare problems and minimize imperfections. He has taken his expertise in these areas and used it to create serums and treatments as well as masks and peels, scrubs and eye products that are capable of addressing numerous concerns. Murad offers products for acne, signs of aging, oily skin, enlarged pores, dark spots, sensitivity, dryness, dullness, cellulite and many other dermatological issues. All of the therapeutic products produced by the brand are formulated to tackle the underlying causes of skincare concerns, not just to diminish the appearance of flaws. By promoting healthier skin at the cellular level, the treatments make lasting, visible improvements in the condition of the skin.

Promoting Beauty from Within

Good nutrition is a cornerstone of the Murad Inclusive Health Method. Dr. Murad firmly believes that healthy skin starts with a healthy diet. Aware of how difficult it can be for people to eat well-balanced, nutritious meals every day, he developed a line of supplements to help fill in dietary gaps. Supplements from Murad contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and herbs that have been shown to play a role in skin health, and they may be able to help address certain dermatological concerns. Combining Murad supplements with daily skincare products and treatments from the brand can help you take a complete approach to promoting a beautiful, youthful complexion.

A Brand That Cares

Just as Murad is dedicated to helping people lead better, healthier lives through a holistic approach to beauty, the company is also committed to making the entire world a better place. Through the Murad Family Foundation and by partnering with nonprofit groups, Murad supports healthcare research, helps spread awareness about medical concerns and provides assistance for programs that raise environmental awareness and help protect the planet.

Your Customized Regimen

Murad offers products for every skin type and for just about any dermatological concern. Murad products are divided into lines to make finding the right products for your face and body as simple as possible. Explore the product selection now, create your regimen and experience the benefits of the Inclusive Health System and high-performance skincare formulations for yourself.

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