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NEW!Soniclear Petite Sonic Skin Cleansing System, Lemon Drop 1 kit


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Cleaner Skin Begins With A Cleaner Brush®.

Soniclear is the world’s first sonic skin cleansing system to incorporate antimicrobial protection into its brushes to guard against the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria. The antimicrobial used in the soniclear is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is considered so unique its use in the Soniclear is the subject of a pending patent. With antimicrobial product protection, the brushes of your Soniclear Petite stay cleaner, fresher longer and will not require replacement as often as unprotected brushes.

Set Includes:

  • 1 Soniclear Petite™ Waterproof Rechargeable Sonic Control Handle
  • 1 Charging Cradle
  • 1 USB Inductive Charger which magnetically attaches to the Handle (separate wall plug not included)
  • 1 Antimicrobial Face Brush Attachment

Soniclear petite provides a customized sonic cleansing experience with 3 brush speeds to choose from. Speed is indicated visually by the two red Speed Indicator Lights on the Handle above the Power and Speed Buttons.

To change speeds, press the Speed Button B O O S T with your soniclear petite turned ON. To cleanse, wet your skin and the Brush Head with warm water. Apply cleanser to your skin or the Brush Head.

Place the Brush Head flush to the skin and gently move in up-down or side to side strokes or in small circular motions. Do Not press hard. The micro-massaging action of the Brush Head will perform the cleansing at sonic frequencies between 200-300 times per second depending on the speed selected. Pressing hard will only impede this motion and reduce the effectiveness of the cleansing.