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Summer Fun 1 ea

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Have some fun this summer with this full face of color!

This kit has everything you need for a healthy glow. Even take it with you in a convenient travel bag on your beach vacation.


Use my Evercolor Starlight Waterproof liner on your top lashline, your bottom lashline, your inner or outer rims... anywhere you want supreme definition. Follow your natural brow shape and in short feathery motions, coax every brow up with my Brow Fix and all fall in place! Now, it's time to add color to your cheeks with my 24/7 Professional Blush! First, you take the orange synthetic end of the double ended brush. Lightly dab it in your cream product (left hand side of the compact) and then gently smooth it onto the apple of your cheek (find that by smiling). Then I'd like you to blend it up toward your cheekbone. Next, take the blush brush end of the double ended brush and swirl that into the powder side of your compact. Tap off the excess and then, in a circular motion, blend that luxurious powder onto the same area where you put the cream product. Create your perfect eye look with my Eyelift shadow kit! Start with a clean primed lid. Then take the darker shade of the two and dip the ball lightly into the product. Apply it to your crease area and go back and forth. The ball will "find" exactly where it needs to go. Then, take the blender brush and dip it into the lighter shade. Apply it directly to you lid and in a windshield wiper motion, blend across and on top of your crease area for a seamless professional finish. Now, my Volumizing Mascara will give you amazing lashes with just two coats on the top and one on the bottom! Finally, finish off with that perfect shade of High Shine Liquid Lipstick.