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Mally Beauty

Love Your Lips Trio 1 set

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This special collection gives you everything you need for a beautiful lip look you'll love.

Exfoliate, treat, protect, and shade for beautiful, full-looking lips. Use it once a week, or make it your everyday look- in any case you'll love your lips. 

First, take the Gentle Exfoliating Sugar Scrub and in a circular motion apply to the lips. This formula is so gentle and delicious. It's made with fine sugar so it naturally takes off the dead skin and even leaves behind conditioners. Next, use the clear Lip Balm for extra conditioning and moisture. This balm will lock in all of the moisture you want to keep. This is a universal formula so you can use it any time. I also included my favorite shade of High Shine Liquid Lipstick, Mally's Baby. After exfoliating, you can use the liquid lipstick for a sexy and full pout.