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Effortless Summer, Effortless Peach 1 ea

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Give a new meaning to an effortless summer look with this 8 piece kit.

An all year favorite, the Effortless Airbrush products will leave you with a dewy, poreless glow. This formula glides on beautifully to give a flawless, luminous look of an airbrush application but with the precision and control of a brush. Its ingredients will give you a soft, radiant glow that will brighten your entire face. Enjoy the convenience of the automatic liner in our new Evercolor Ultimate Waterproof Eyeliner that is so gentle and creamy it can be applied in the upper and inner rim of your eye. And, don't forget, once its set, it will last all day! Pull your look together with a brow fix, luxurious lashes and pouty lips!!


First, take the lighter end of the brush and swirl in the Effortless Airbrush Highlighter. Place all over the lid and down to cheekbone in a "C" motion for that lifted cheek appearance. Place down the center of the nose to elongate and perfect! Next, take the brush and swirl the darker end into the Effortless Airbrush Blush and apply to the apples of the cheeks for that beautiful, healthy glow. This blush is pure pigment so you will get true color that lasts! Effortless Airbrush eye shadow glides on effortlessly and will brighten your entire face! Start with the longer side of the double ended brush, which is the blender side. Apply the shadow all over the lid with this side of the brush. The application is so easy, you can't make a mistake. This formula is really forgiving; you can apply lightly for a sheer wash of color or use more product for an amped up look. Next, take the shorter side of the double ended brush, the crease brush, and apply product above the lid into the crease using a windshield wiper motion.

Another tip: also use this end of the brush to put shadow on the lower lash line for a soft smoky effect. Follow your natural brow shape and in short feathery motions, coax every brow up with my Brow Fix and all fall in place! Use my Evercolor Ultimate Waterproof Eyeliner to line as close to the upper lash line as possible, even getting right into the lashes. For me, eyeliner is about defining the eye and making the lash line look thicker, and this technique helps you achieve all of that! Now, my Volumizing Mascara will give you amazing lashes with just two coats on the top and one on the bottom! Finally, finish off with that perfect shade of High Shine Liquid Lipstick.