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Mally Beauty

Deluxe Brush Set and Cleanser 1 kit


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Keeping your brushes clean and free from getting matted and gnarled can be hard to do.

This is the perfect alternative to traditional retractable brushes; simply slide down the cover and the brush is exposed. These brushes have specially designed slide caps to keep the brush hair free from debris and protect it from getting bent, crushed, and falling out. This kit also comes with cleanser and a towel to clean the brushes.

Slide the cap down to expose the brush. With the blush brush, you can apply your favorite cheek color and feel confident knowing that you do not look like a clown! Just blend using a circular motion on the apples of the cheeks, then sweep up along the cheekbone. The blender brush is the most amazing brush for eye shadow application. Thanks to its shape, it does all of the work for you! Just go back and forth across the eyelid in a windshield-wiper motion for perfectly blended shadow with no harsh edges. Just place the crease brush in your crease and go back and forth from the outside of your eye to the inside. Mally also loves to use this brush along the lower lash line for a sexy, smoky look. With the smudger brush, you never have to worry about harsh eyeliner again.  To clean the brushes, just spray cleanser on the bristles and wipe on a dry paper towel. After cleansing, lay brushes flat to dry on the magic microfiber towel. This helps to absorb excess moisture in your brushes, so they dry faster. For cream or liquid makeup, wash your brushes every day. For powder makeup, wash your brushes once a week. To store and keep brushes free from debris, slide the covers back up.