Geranium Leaf Candle 9 fl oz (260 g)


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Geranium Leaf creates a unique healing ambiance of relaxation and sensory balance that subtly fills a room.

This uplifting candle subtly fills a room with a fresh, green aroma. Known for its apothecary origins and medicinal properties to soothe irritation and relieve inflammation, our modern fragrance is synthesized to calm and balance the senses.


Our uplifting geranium leaf candle is designed to be burned on its own or with our intoxicating Tobacco Candle creating a unique blend and perfect sensual experience. 

Each candle has approximately 60 hours of burn time.  When burning for the first time, we recommend burning for a minimum of 2-3 hours for optimum performance. This is due to the new, earth-friendly blend of natural beeswax, vegetable and soy waxes. Afterwards, we recommend not to burn for more than 3 hours at a time.  Keep clear of flammable materials.