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Soy Candle, Orchid 8 oz (240 ml)



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60 hour burn

These elegant candles transform the ambience of any room with the serene air of the tropics. Made from clean-burning waxes, Malie Kauai's petroleum-free soy candles burn from a 100% cotton wick.

Nourish and calm the spirit with the pure, exotic aromas of Hawaii.

Lush. Green. Vibrant with life! This exotic aroma envelops you - bright, pure, uplifting - filling you with peace, joy and tranquility.

Malie is passionately dedicated to protecting our resources, the precious forest and the life within and will donate a percentage of sales from the kokee collection to the Kokee Resource Conservation Program.

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Soy Wax, Naturally Derived Fragrance Oils, Cotton Wick