L'Occitane L'Occitane What's New L'Occitane Top Rated More than 35 years ago, Olivier Baussan launched L'Occitane, a skincare brand that embodies the spirit of the Provence region in the South of France. With an emphasis on natural beauty, the brand seeks to improve the health of the skin with products that are a true pleasure to use due to their luxurious formulations and intoxicating fragrances. Using L'Occitane facial, body and fragrance products allows you to pamper yourself and enjoy the lifestyle of Provence without ever leaving home.




L'Occitane Collection Spotlight


Inspired by Provence

Olivier Baussan has always found the countryside of Provence inspirational. There, people lead simple lives close to nature with a sense of well-being that isn't common in the big city. In the 1970s, Baussan began making his own rosemary essential oils to sell in the marketplaces of Provence to give people a small taste of the natural extracts native to the region. His small business became a success, and in 1976, he began making his own soaps using traditional methods that had been used in the South of France for generations. Gradually, his offering of products expanded, and today his brand offers a complete lineup of facial and body care products, selling its formulations in 3,000 retail locations around the world. While L'Occitane has grown, the brand has never lost focus of Baussan's initial inspiration, and Provence remains at the heart of every formula.

A Leader in Natural Beauty

L'Occitane was a green skincare brand long before the phrase became a popular buzzword. From the start, L'Occitane products have featured botanical ingredients sourced from Provence and from other corners of the world. While the formulations are derived from nature, every product offered by the brand has its basis in science. L'Occitane invests heavily in research into phytotherapy, which is the use of plant extracts to address skincare concerns, and aromatherapy, which harnesses the power of scent to promote well-being. Formulators are guided by a formulation charter to ensure that every product is of exceptional quality and is highly effective.

Remarkable Botanicals

To deliver results for the skin and treat users to a pampering experience, L'Occitane relies on more than 200 botanical ingredients. Every ingredient has been thoroughly researched and tested in-house and found to offer real benefits for the skin. Many of the herbal extracts used in L'Occitane products are unique to the brand. Examples include the organic immortelle, an effective natural anti-inflammatory, and organic myrtle, a remarkable skin softener. Extracts of organic cade, almond, organic angelica, rose, lavender, verbena, cherry blossom, peony and African shea butter are other common ingredients in L'Occitane products. Synthetic ingredients are only used in L'Occitane formulas when they are absolutely necessary for a product's effectiveness.

A Sustainable, Ethical Brand

L'Occitane is committed to protecting the planet and operating with a code of ethics as its guide. Organic ingredients are selected whenever possible, and products are manufactured with methods that minimize eco-impact. The brand also designs packaging with conservation in mind, using recycled and non-polluting materials and avoiding outer packaging that creates needless waste. When purchasing ingredients, L'Occitane follows Fair Trade practices to ensure that growers and workers are paid fairly for their products and labor. In Burkina Faso, the brand employs 15,000 women through a co-development program that provides training and much-needed income for impoverished families. Because L'Occitane is a sustainable, ethical brand, you can feel good choosing these products and using them as part of your daily beauty regimen.

The Perfect Daily Regimen

With the wide array of products offered by L'Occitane, you can create a daily routine to meet the needs of your complexion while experiencing the delights of the Provencal lifestyle. Facial cleansers are available for sweeping away makeup, debris and excess oils, while refreshing toners can help you keep your complexion balanced. Luxurious facial moisturizers provide essential hydration and leave behind pleasing, aromatherapeutic fragrances that last for hours. The experts at L'Occitane have developed a number of innovative, clinically proven treatments using the principles of phytotherapy, so you can take a natural approach to addressing concerns like fine lines, lost elasticity, dullness, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Beauty from Head to Toe

L'Occitane wants every person to enjoy the pleasures of Provence through each step of their daily beauty routine. You can care for your hair with delightfully scented, highly effective L'Occitane shampoos and conditioners and savor the relaxing experience of soaking in a tub filled with one of the brand's bubble baths, salts or soaks. For body care, L'Occitane offers shower gels, scrubs, exfoliants and treatments as well as award-winning hand and foot care formulas. You can finish your grooming routine with deodorants, perfumes and fragrance sprays to delight in the scents of the French countryside. Every L'Occitane product is like a mini spa experience.

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