Korres, Behind the Brand

BEHIND THE BRAND Inspired by our Greek heritage, KORRES combines powerful naturals, primary research and product quality to deliver proven results.

We have a team of plant hunters who search Greece's 6,500 varieties of abundant flora for the most powerful natural ingredients. We then use the latest global science and primary research to understand skin's biochemistry and the benefits that the natural ingredients found in our flora can bring. The next step is to formulate our products with the highest standard and attention to quality to achieve maximum potency. In the end, our products deliver proven results supported by rigorous clinical testing.

Our collections are formulated to address specific skin concerns: 

Wild Rose:  Brightening
Clinically proven to brighten, even and improve skin tone and texture

Quercetin & Oak: Anti-aging and Anti-wrinkle
The clinically proven natural alternative to Retinol

Greek Yoghurt: Nourishing
Contains Greek Yoghurt concentrate with 2.5x the protein content of regular yoghurt

Pomegranate: Pore-minimizing and Mattifying
Helps reduce the visibility of pores and provides a more refined and balanced complexion with a matte finish

Butter: Luxurious Hydration
Provides luxurious, long-lasting hydration to keep your lips and skin deeply moisturized