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Koh Gen Do

Makeup Sponge for Liquid foundation 2 ea


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Exclusive design in a new smaller size for a professional application.

We asked professional makeup artists to describe the perfect makeup sponge - the proper shape, size, texture and functionality. With their helpful input, we created a unique sponge made of dense elastic in a convenient palm-size shape specifically for professional finger-touch pressure.

Sponge Technique

Hold: Hold the sponge at the triangle apex between thumb and index finger.
Spread: Spread the foundation from the center of your face toward the edge with the wider surface of the sponge.
Pat: Using the wider surface of the sponge, pat the foundation into your skin using the strength of your wrist.
Smooth: The sponge can fit in small angles of your face so you can use it for patting, pressing and smoothing.
Finish: Using the professional sponge will help even out any excess foundation for a perfect finish.
Hint: Slightly mist and dampen the sponge when using to prevent product from being unnecessarily absorbed by sponge.