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Just Enough

Breast Enhancers Pushups, One Size Fits All 1 pair


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Just Enough™...Silicone Breast Implants come in four styles that are designed to add "just enough" to your figure to make a difference in whatever you wear. The Oval Enhancer styles (with or without nipples) can increase fullness and uplift one full cup size. The Pushup and Bra Insert styles can be worn in pushup bras with or without pockets for added cleavage. Or use one of any style to just even out a cup size. Choose the style that fits your needs. You may want all four styles to wear for different occasions and with different bras. We know that you will love the natural feel, softness and "look" of these great enhancers.

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It is easy to fit Just Enough...Enhancers. Slip Enhancers into each bra cup from the top. Oval Enhancers work best angled in the bra cup. The Pushup or Bra Insert Enhancers fit best at the bottom of the cup. You choose the direction that works best for you. To clean, wash each form with mild soap and water. Rinse well and pat dry with soft towel. Avoid sharp objects as all Enhancers are not puncture proof. If punctured or torn, it is best to discard.