Hollywood Fashion Secrets

Stylist Kit 1 kit


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Our Fashionista favorite Stylist Kit contains the best-selling

  • Original Hollywood Fashion Tape (18 count)
  • Boot Straps (1 pair)
  • Bra Converting Clips-Fashion Edition (3 clips)

To help you look picture perfect and feel confidently clothed! And, the adorable keepsake box keeps all your Style Essentials neatly organzied and within reach.


  • Boot Straps keep pants securely tucked into boots for a fashionable, smooth look.
  • Bra Converting Clip Fashion Edition: Convert any bra into a cross-back style to hide straps, lift breasts and create cleavage. Great for swimsuits, too!
  • Stylist Kit: Keepsake box for easy Style Essentials storage.

Hollywood Fashion Tape (18 count):
1. Peel the liner from one side of the tape
2. Press the tape firmly to your skin or fabric – be sure your skin is oil and lotion free
3. Remove the other liner
4. Apply the item to be secured
5. It’s as easy as peel, stick and go forth with confidence!

Boot Straps:
1. For longer pants, cuff at the ankle
2. Wrap Boot Straps securely around pants at ankle or calf
3. Give pants a little tug downward to smooth
4. Slip on your boots

Bra Converting Clip Fashion Edition:
1. Lengthen your bra straps.
2. Reach behind your neck and insert bra straps into the Hollywood Bra Converting Clip.
3. Slide the Bra Converting Clip down to a comfortable level.
1.    Hook bra around your waist with the back in front.
2.    Insert straps into the Bra Converting Clip.
3.    Rotate bra, then put your arms through the straps.
4.    For D cup and larger, use two clips.