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Hollywood Fashion Secrets

Refillable Fashion Tape Gun, Classic Chevron 1 ea

Refills sold separately.

Find the refills at: Fashion Tape Refill Rolls


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A gapping sweater inspired it all: Hollywood Fashion Type.

Now, your Fashion Fairy Godmothers, Marni and Jane, conceive and design magical solutions to help women feel confident and look fabulous--at work, home and play. Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape Refillable Tape Gun is your secret weapon for flawless fashion in a refillable dispenser! Clear, medical quality double-stick tape.


  • Hide bra straps
  • Keep straps from slipping
  • Close wrap styles
  • Repair hems instanstly
  • Hold collars and lapels down
  • Adjust pant length
  • Keep scarves, accessories and belts in place

-Pull trigger to advance tape forward to desired length.
-Slide the cutter back with your thumb(s) to cut the tape.
-Press the tape firmly to your skin or fabric, be sure your skin is oil and lotion free.
-Peel the liner from the tape.
-Apply clothing to be secured.