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Midnight Brown
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Midnight Brown

Featuring 23" of heat-friendly synthetic hair with a long strip of wrap around hair that securely connects with a Velcro® attachment, the HairDo® Wrap Around Pony lets you create long, full, fashionable pony styles in a minute.

Length: Overall 23"

© Hairuwear®

If your hair is long enough to gather into a ponytail (even a very very small one) you can wear the 23" Wrap Around Pony.

How do I use it:

Secure your own hair in a ponytail then insert the small comb at the top. Next, wrap the piece around your pony and secure with the closure. Finally, wrap the additional hairpiece around the base to conceal and pin with the bobby pin provided. Try playing with placement! Wear the Wrap Around Pony high, low, or to the side - the possibilities are endless!