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Dryer Sheets, Summer Cottage 20 ea


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Good Home Summer Cottage Dryer Sheets reduce static and soften garments and linens, leaving them with a fresh Lemon Verbena scent.

Good Home Summer Cottage fabric softener sheets will not only soften your clothes and control static cling, but they will also leave your dryables softly scented with our Good Home signature scents. Sheets can also be added to drawers, luggage, bags, anywhere you want to add fragrance. Each box contains 20 Fabric Dryer Sheets.

Place one sheet in the dryer at the start of the cycle. Dispose of sheet after use. If drying synthetic fabrics, use low-temp setting on your dryer.

Do not overload the dryer or use these dryer sheets on children's flame resistant clothing or sleepwear. Fabric softener can reduce flame resistance. Keep out of children's and pets reach. If a child or pet swallows or chews a dryer sheet, contact a physician, poison control center or veterinarian immediately. In case of skin irritation, flush with water.