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Flower by Kenzo

Eau de Parfum Refill 3.4 oz (101 ml)

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The Flower by Kenzo refill allows you to fill up your favorite bottle in an easy and eco-friendly way.

A vital link to keep us in touch with nature. Flower by Kenzo, the power of a singular, strong, pure and sensual flower. A nomadic flower, taking root in the asphalt. A flower in the city. The red poppy has no scent. Kenzo created its fragrance.

The Scent:

  • Oriental, floral
  • Recommended for day wear
  • Notes of Bulgarian rose and Parma violet

Bulgarian Rose

Known as the finest rose oil in the world, Bulgarian rose is derived from the Damask rose. Roses are a symbol of love and have been used since ancient times in perfumer

Parma Violet
First imported into Italy in the 19th century, its origins are somewhat mysterious. It is widely believed that there are two varieties of Parma Violet, but the second is regarded to be forgotten and waiting to be rediscovered. Violets are a symbol of modesty and faithfulnes

White Musk
Musk has been an essential ingredient in perfumery since ancient times. Its capability to enhance a fragrance comes from its ability to adopt the fixative qualities of a natural scent. Musk is a linear, powdery not
Made in France



  • Carefully twist cap off of refill and insert nozzle into bottle. Gently squeeze the refill until bottle is filled to the desired level. Twist cap back onto refill.
  • Store refill in a cool, dry place.
  • Apply fragrance to clean skin, holding the bottle 5-7 inches away from your body.