Eye Rock

Crystals, Twilight 1 ea


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Elegant Eye Rock crystal tattoo in Twilight.


Crystal Tattoos may be applied on healthy skin only.

Do not adhere to inside of eyes or on mucous membranes. Crystal Tattoos are not recommended for young children. Loose crystals may present a small parts hazard to young children, particularly children under three years old. Depending on its size, if a crystal comes away, children may choke on, inhale, swallow or insert it into their noses.

Rock Cosmetics LTD

Clean the eye area thoroughly with soap and water then dry off ensuring the application area is clean. Carefully peel off the crystal sheet from the plastic backing, ensuring all crystals remain on the clear sheet. If any of the crystals stick to the white sheet this can be resolved by firmly re-pressing the crystals and peel again. Press the Eye Rock against the skin firmly and hold there for 10 seconds to warm up the adhesive.

Carefully peel off the top sheet ensuring the crystals are adhered to the skin. For increased adhesion press the crystals down once again to ensure a firm hold.

Eye Rock uses an adhesive which has been specifically developed (and is dermatologist approved) for the temporary application on skin. Providing the area is properly prepared and no grease and oils exist, the crystal tattoo can last a few days. A perfect complement or accessory to a night out. Avoid moisturizing or using any oil based make up removers around the crystal tattoo as it may cause them to lift.

To Remove:
Gently peel away the individual crystals.