Essie Retro Revival Collection 2016 Essie Nail Color Shade Finder Get Essie Looks A gorgeous manicure and pedicure can boost your spirits, particularly when the products you choose are fun, safe and simple to use. For more than 30 years, essie has produced salon quality nail colors in striking shades to make manicures and pedicures as gorgeous and enjoyable as possible. The American nail care brand of choice of many professionals and celebrities, essie is known for lighthearted, playful color names, but also for providing products that are serious when it comes to results and safety.




Essie Nail Care


Decades of Beautiful Color

In 1981, Essie Weingarten brought a brand new concept in nail care to the industry, debuting her first collection of 12 nail polish colors in Las Vegas. This marked the start of her eponymous brand, essie, a company devoted to making nail care fun. From the start, Essie was driven to provide colors that were unlike others on the market with whimsical names to make women smile. Quality has also been a top concern from the get-go to ensure that professionals and everyday women would only ever be treated to the best when they use essie products.

In 1983, essie was launched into the spotlight when Joan Rivers sported one of its colors. Since then, countless celebrities and even royals like Queen Elizabeth and Princess Catherine Middleton have been spotted in essie shades. The brand has also won numerous awards from publications like Allure, inStyle, Women's Health & Fitness, CosmoGirl and Redbook, and their products have been chosen by top designers to grace the nails of models at their runway shows.

A Fun Approach to Nail Care

Fun is always at the forefront of essie's product development. The brand experts come up with creative names for every color, making the titles as unique as their shades. In addition, essie nail polishes are made to be as easy to use as possible, so you don't have to be a professional to get great results when giving yourself a manicure or pedicure. When you choose essie nail care products, you can truly relax and pamper yourself, enjoying the special experience of polishing your nails in hues that will inspire you.

Colors That Reflect the Latest Trends

In the collection of colors offered by essie, you'll find some of the first shades that Essie Weingarten developed back in 1981. These timeless colors remain in fashion season after season and are perfect for ladies who want a classic look from a mani-pedi. Along with long-time favorite shades, the essie collection includes limited edition hues that reflect the biggest trends in fashion and beauty. Each season, new colors are introduced, keeping the brand's palette fresh and exciting. If you're looking for a color that is trendy and "now", you're sure to find it in this assortment of essie products.

Professional Quality Color

Whether you like modern, get-noticed color or more sophisticated, timeless shades, you'll only be treated to the best when you choose essie nail polish. The products are made to meet the needs of professional nail technicians and stylists, so they are richly pigmented and formulated to resist wear and tear for as long as possible.

Made with Safety in Mind

You shouldn't have to compromise the safety of your nails just to get a pop of color. That's why essie has taken steps to make its formulas as gentle to the nails and skin as possible. By eliminating DBP, toluene and formaldehyde from their formulas and using only the finest of ingredients, the experts at essie have made it possible for you to enjoy color without compromising the health of your hands and feet.

Everything You Need for Your Mani-Pedi

While essie is known for its fashion forward nail polish colors, the brand offers more than just lacquers. In this assortment of products, you'll find all of the nail care products that you need to give yourself a complete manicure and pedicure at home just like a professional. Begin your manicure with one of the base coats from essie to ready your nails for polish and help the vibrant pigments adhere evenly. After you've applied your color, finish with an essie top coat to seal your manicure or pedicure and help keep it looking fresh for as long as possible.

Treatments for Your Nail Care Needs

The experts at essie are constantly researching nail health and developing products to help you address common nail care concerns. In this selection of essie products, you'll find a number of treatments that will allow you to overcome the obstacles that are standing in your way of having gorgeous nails.

You can shop the collection to find products for cuticle care, strengthening weak nails, promoting growth, smoothing uneven textures and protecting nails from the environmental damage that causes nails to age. If you have a nail care concern, essie is sure to have a solution that is effective and simple to use.