Erno Laszlo THE PRINCIPLES The Ritual

The ritual is a personalized, twice-a-day cleansing system and treatment routine. It ensures thorough cleansing, exfoliation and stimulation of the skin, providing a 24-hour cycle of gentle conditioning and renewal.

Splashing: Water Heals the Skin

At the heart of each Erno Laszlo Ritual is this famous splashing technique, which helps to plump and soften the skin as well as to enhance the absorption of moisturizers.

24-Hour Synergistic Care

AM/PM formulations deliver what the skin needs most at those times. Products within the ritual have interlocking benefits, each designed to optimally deliver, in synergy, maximum benefits and protection.

Modification: Skincare Precision

The ritual can be modified according to individual results allowing for a fully customizable regimen.

Begin your ritual with one of Erno Laszlo’s cleansers.