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Dew Puff konjac sponges are the modern version of one of the oldest, most traditional beauty tools in the world. Used for hundreds of years in Asia, todays Dew Puff natural sponges are available in three varieties: Original, Asian Clay, and Bamboo Charcoal.


Dew Puff face and body cleansing natural sponges are 100% plant based cleansing tools. All Dew Puffs are made entirely from the konjac (also known as elephant yam or kon-nyaku in Japanese). The Original is Konjac, the Asian Clay contains konjac and Asian clay and the Bamboo Charcoal contains konjac and charcoal from bamboo. When hydrated, these natural sponges become exceptionally soft, yet gently exfoliating, while creating a perfect pH balance on the surface of the skin. Because of its bouncy, rubbery texture, it makes a rich lather using less cleanser than you'd normally need with a washcloth. Helps brighten and evens skin tone.

The hydrated sponge creates a layer of water between the sponge and the skin allowing it to `hydroplane’ over the skin. This makes for a thorough cleansing. Dew Puff is also perfect for use after medical sp treatments, surgery, minor wounds, and for bruised skin, because cleansing with these sponges is more gentle and less painful than using your hands.

Once you've finished cleansing, rinse the sponge with warm water, squeeze out the excess water, and let your sponge air dry.

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Konjac Root Powder, Yellow Soil (Ocher), Water

Just add water! Once Dew Puff is completely hydrated it will become very soft. Apply Dew Puff to the face (or other area to be cleansed) and simply move around the face in small strokes or circles – just as you would a washcloth or your hands! Dew Puff makes applying excessive pressure almost impossible. It is best to keep Dew Puff as dry as possible. After each use, rinse thoroughly, squeeze out water, and allow it to dry completely by using the convenient string to hang it to dry. Do not hang over a heater or electric appliance. Extended moisture will degrade the Konjac fibers and can harbor dirt. Always dry your Dew Puff before each use. Consider having two Dew Puffs to use alternatively if your environment prevents the Dew Puff from completely drying overnight